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SW80-375P Albright Solenoid Contactor 24V Intermittent Sealed to IP66

SW80-375P Albright Solenoid Contactor 24V Intermittent Sealed to IP66
SW80-375P Albright Solenoid Contactor 24V Intermittent Sealed to IP66
SW80-375P Albright Solenoid Contactor 24V Intermittent Sealed to IP66
SW80-375P Albright Solenoid Contactor 24V Intermittent Sealed to IP66
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24V DC
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400 g

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 Albright SW80-375P 24Vdc single-acting solenoid contactor, intermittent.

  • Sealed to IP66 for weatherproofing and are suitable for marine internal applications.
  • The SW80 series of contactors has been designed for direct current loads, particularly motors used on small electric vehicles such as light industrial trucks, powered invalid cars, etc.; they have double-breaking contacts with Silver-alloy contact tips, which are weld resistant, hardwearing and have excellent conductivity.
  • They are economical in price and compare favourably with sealed automotive-style solenoid switches.
  • Repair contact kits are not available for this unit due to the weatherproofing.


  • Height, including terminals and coil base cap: 94mm.
  • Coil width: 41mm.
  • Cap width: 50.5mm.
  • Cap depth: 39mm.

About Intermittent (Int.) SW80P Solenoids

 Intermittent contactors, by design, are predominantly used for hydraulic functions on vehicles; they make and break quicker than continuous solenoids and are not recommended for prolonged contact periods.

 The Albright SW80-375P 24 Volts DC single-acting SPST 100 Amps solenoid contactor is designed for direct current loads. Its Silver-alloy contact tips are weld resistant and hardwearing. This cost-effective contactor is excellent for small electric vehicle motors, light industrial trucks, and powered invalid cars.

 With its double-breaking contacts and reliable conductivity, the Albright SW80-375P contactor is perfect for your DC load needs. It is also sealed to IP66 for weatherproofing, making it suitable for internal marine applications. Plus, its economical price makes it a great value option compared to sealed automotive-style solenoid switches.

 The SW80P contactors, by design, have M8 stud main terminals on the top cover and coil energising 6.3mm spade terminals that exit up through the top cap and are internally wire connected from the coil. Mounted using supplied brackets, the mounting can be horizontal or vertical. When vertical, the M8 contact studs should point upwards.

Interrupted Current: The opening and closing on load with frequent switching (resulting in increased contact resistance).
Uninterrupted Current: No or infrequent load switching requirements (maintains a lower contact resistance).


Device Type NO - SP - ST
Voltage 24V D.C.
Coil Type Intermittent
Amps 100 Amps
Coil Resistance (Ohms) 29
Pull-In Voltage (V) 15.0 Max.
Drop Out Voltage (V) 6.0 Max.
Coil Power Dissipation (W) 19.86
Typical Pull-In Time 20ms
Typical Voltage Drop Per Pole
Across New Contacts At 100A
< 40mV
Operating Ambient Temperature -40 to +60℃
Protection IP66
Weight 390g
Application Interrupted Uninterrupted
Thermal Current Rating 100A 125A
Intermittent Current Rating:
30% Duty 185A 230A
40% Duty 160A 200A
50% Duty 140A 175A
60% Duty 130A 160A
70% Duty 120A 150A


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