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  Welcome to the owner's vehicle section, a section of the Arc Components Shop where we offer 'historical displaying' of your personal vehicle and project pictures. Please supply us with your photograph, vehicle type and year of manufacture to get your prized possession highlighted. Send us pictures of your classic car, van, bus, motorcycle, mobile home, boat and even your trailer if it is your passion! To: (gif format or jpeg photographs preferable).

Vehicles listed in this section are catalogued for a historical viewpoint, all published photographs are copyrighted to their respective owners.

Classic Cars and Vans
Mini Vandan Plas
2007 Locost V6
1968 MG Midget Mk3
Mini Marcos Mk1V
Morris Minor
Owner: Mr Richard, Make: 1971 Mini Vanden Plas 1300, Date Posted: 06-05-2006
Owner: Mr S.Hackney, Make: Locost V6, 2006-2007 Build
1968 MG Midget Mk111
Owner: Mr Richard Porter Make: 1979 Kit Form Mini Marcos Mk.1V, Date Posted: 06-05-2006
1952 Series MM, 918cc Sidevalve Engine, in Empire Green
Mr Richard Porter
 Mr Steven Hackney
Mr Mark Murray
Mr Richard Porter
C. Montague
Mini Vanden Plas my parent's car bought nearly new in 1971.
My second kit project of a Locost V6, on the road Summer 2007.
1968 MG Midget Mk111, image originally posted on 06-07-2006.
I bought as a kit car in 1979, more details at
1952 Morris Minor series MM, 918cc side valve engine.
Austin BMC1100
Healey BN2
Nova Kit 'Nena'
Heinkel Bubble Car
Honda Civic
1963 Austin Morris BMC 1100 ADO16
Austin Healey BN2
Nova Kit Car
Heinkel Bubble Car
Honda Civic Conversion
Vernon, Wakefield
Mr Didier Mongin
Mr James Horsley
Owner Omitted
Mike Evans NZ
Austin Morris BMC 1100 also known as the ADO16. 
Make: Austin Healey 100 MODEL BN2,
VW beetle engine. jimsvwnovarestoration.
 Heinkel bubble car restoration at
Electric conversion in New Zealand
Locost zetec
Citroen H Van
Mini 1000
Porsche 924
Chevrolet Caprice
Locost Zetec
Citroen H Van
Mini 1000 Refurbishment
Porsche 924 Standard 2L
1977 General Motors Chevrolet Caprice Straight V6
Owner Omitted
Owner Omitted
Owner Omitted
Mr Seale
Peter Altmajer
Locost Zetec project at, a first try project.
Citroen H van restoration at
Mini 1000 Modification at
Porsche 924 standard 2Ltr engine, less a classic more a passion.
1977 General Motors Chevrolet Caprice, straight V6 engine.
Triumph TR3a
Melex 212
VW Samba T3
1968 MGB GT
Ford Zephyr
Triumph TR3a
Melex 212 Golf Buggy Refurbishment
Heather's VW Samba T3
1968 MGB GT Restored 1991
Ford Zephyr 1970 MK4
Dr Phil Taylor
Heather, USA
Mark, Wakefield
Peter Altmajer
April 1959 registered Triumph TR3a a very well treated Classic.
1979 Melex 212 Golf Buggy, a personal memory project.
1987 Volkswagen Samba T3 camper vans or 'Westie'.
1968 MGB GT restored in 1991, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
1970 Ford Zephyr Mk4, Column shift 2.0L V4, UK's finest.
Triumph TR6
Jowett Jupiter
Ford Customline
Ford RS Turbo
Triumph TR6 1971
1952 Jowett Jupiter 1486cc
Ford Customline 1950
Ford RS Turbo 2.5L 5 Cylinder
Rupert and Steve's Airstream Mobile Green Room
Paul, Wakefield
Owner Omitted
Owner Omitted
Mr Marsh
Rupert Evans
1971 Triumph TR6. Used, abused and much loved for it!.
1952 Jowett Jupiter. 1486cc, true classic based West Yorkshire.
1950's Customline. 5.2, restored in 2008 American Classic.
2010 Ford RS. 2.5L, 5 Cylinder Turbo, a future classic contender.
 Airstream, mobile green room and events solutions.
Morris Minor 1000
Kalmar Tjorven Van
1967 Morris Minor 1000
1970's KVD440 Swedish Mail Delivery Van
Owner Omitted
Ivan, Wakefield
1967 Morris Minor 1000, a 10-year spare time project completion.
1971 'Postman Pat' Swedish postal van, 844cc boxer engine.


4x4, On-Off Road and Rally
1994 Mitsubishi Pajero
2L Brisca F2
1953 Mk1 FV1611b
Landrover Defender
VW Fugitive
Team 13 1994 Mitsubishi Pajero
Richard Hill, Brisca F2
1953 Mk1 FV1611b Humber 1 Ton Armoured Truck
Army Styled Land Rover Defender
Scott Henriksen and his VW Fugitive
Mr Tim Price-Bowen
Mr Richard Hill
Mr Adam Elsdon
Owner Omitted
Mr Scott Heriksen
The Toolbox Shop Sponsored racing team 13 2007.
The Toolbox Shop Sponsored Stock car racer 2008.
1 Ton armoured truck known as the Humber Pig, see projects.
Army styled Land Rover Defender with combat paintwork.
1971 Beetle rebuild with stock 1600 engine and twin Kadron carbs.
Land Rover 80 Trailer
Subaru Impreza
Jago Jeep
FV432 Carrier
Alvis Stalwart FV620
Land Rover 80
Adam Gould Dulux Trade British Rally Championship Driver Sponsored by The Toolbox Shop
Jago Jeep 1988
British Army F432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
Alvis Stalwart 'Stolly' 1966 British Army Amphibious Truck
Mr Pete Garlick
Adam Gould
Paul from York
Peter from Norfolk
Peter Jones
Totally custom built Land Rover 80 Trailer, 3.9L V8 engine.
TheToolboxShop 2011 Sponsored British Rally Championship driver.
First built in 1988, a full rebuild by Paul returns it to former glory.
FV432 British Army armoured personnel carrier, refurb. 2013.
1966 FV620 British Army amphibious cargo truck refurbishment.


Motorcycles, Scooters and Trike's
Harley FLSTN
Rewco HS4
Rewco HS4
Rewco HS4
Suzuki GSXR 600 K4
Harley Davidson FLSTN
Americano just one of the Trike's at Cool Runnings
Tribal Warrior just one of the trike's at Cool Runnings
White Lightning, just one of the trike's at Cool Runnings
Matt will be racing a Suzuki GSXR 600 K4 in the North Gloucester AIR Racing 600 class
Mr Adrian King
Cool Runnings
Cool Runnings
Cool Runnings
Matt Pearce
Make: Harley Davidson FLSTN
softail Delux 1500cc.
Just one of the trikes at in the Canary Islands.
Just one of the trikes at in the Canary Islands.
Just one of the trikes at in the Canary Islands.
Matt was on the hunt in 2011 for ongoing sponsorship.
Sidecar Outfit
Custom Rat Trike
Keith Walters and his sidecar outfit at the Ballaugh Bridge on the TT circuit in the Isle of Man
Custom Rat Trike 1303 VW Beetle Subframe
Mr Keith Walters
Stuart of Leeds
'In the air'  taken at Ballaugh Bridge at the Isle of Man TT races.
Custom trike build, Mad Max style with 1303 VW Beetle subframe.


Cruisers, Yachts and Canal Boats
'Black Rose' 
'Black Rose'
Searay 268
M/Y Myeerah
Eco Endurance Racer
Black Rose Canal Boat 1
Black rose canal boat 2
Searay 268
M/Y Myeerah
BananaShark Endurance Racer
Mr Michael Bonin
Mr Michael Bonin
Mr R. Ellis
Mr John Wentworth
John Cooke
 Black Rose wide beam canal boat cruiser.
 Black Rose wide beam canal boat cruiser.
 1989 28ft Searay 268 powerboat cruiser, had to let go, sadly missed.
2000 build 30m Navetta series Motor Yacht, USA.
John's Eco Endurance Racer as featured on a closed historical blog.
30ft Fairline Cruiser
Woody the barge cruiser, rebuilt by a craftsman of the waterways
John's 30ft Fairline Cruiser
Owner Withheld
John Walker
 Wide beam canal boat cruiser, rebuilt by a waterways craftsman.
 John's cruiser patrolling the rivers of West Yorkshire.

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