Jim's Nova kit Car Windscreen Wiper Motor Project

Saturday, 11 March 2017  |  AdrianR

  Although this blog post is historically nearly 6 years old, we find customers like to review it when designing a bespoke windscreen wiper solution on sports car style front windows, good enough reason to revive it and add it to the new projects blog here at Arc-Components.com.

Jim's Nova Kit Car Windscreen Wiper Solution

Jim's Nova kit car at a meeting  "I ended up using Arc Components Ltd as their product range had been referred to many a time on forums and NOVA International, their office was very helpful, answered technical queries and forwarded on scanned technical drawings to allow me to check dimensions. I ended up ordering two possible permutations; Arc-Components.com charges no UK postage on top of the web prices for large UK orders which helped".




The Set-Up

Mounting the windscreen motor  "The system, set at 80 degrees gives a full sweep right to the edges and top of the screen (important for my height!). More importantly, I used it Pantograph arm fixing point on the Nova.today in the rain and it does the job!, I have not yet set up the second speed or auto park as I have a simple 1 position dash switch only. This will get changed for a 2-speed version in time (have run multicore cable to wiper in preparation)".


Jim's Product Comments

The complete bespoke windscreen solution  "The quality of the parts seems good, and all were well packaged, and delivered very promptly. If thinking about this motor you do need to be aware it needs spacing away from the inside of the canopy by approximately 22mm (I used two metal tubes). The wiper shafts are equal sizes, so I did need to enlarge one of my original holes. The mounting plate supplied for outside the car is a good size so would cover any minor damage in this area".


Products Used

Useful Tip from Arc Components:

  When choosing components and navigating the windscreen wiper section it's useful to start with the motor, the motor size and style is dictated by your space and requirements. From the motor product page, it will advise which arms suit the motor and again on the arms product page, the arms will advise which wiper blades suit the particular arm.

  Wiper arms and motors fall into two main categories: twin shafted for pantograph sweep (side to side) and single shaft for an arced sweep with a single arm.

Originally posted: 30th April 2008

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