Heinrich's Replica of the Batman Tumbler Vehicle from the Dark Knight Trilogy

28 September 2022  |  AdrianR
Replica of the Batman Movie Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy

    Heinrich first visited the Arc Components Ltd online shop early in 2021, and it took several email conversations before realising the bespoke nature of his project, recreating a working replica of the Batman Movie Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy.





Replica of the Batman Movie Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy in the workshop




Products employed:

  Heinrich started his replica control panel selections with illuminated switches that formed custom banks of rocker switches, and he then moved on to the meters and gauges in a classic formation to compliment the aesthetic and period styles of the Batman trilogy. Later he selected core electrical products, including fuse gear, warning lights and brass-levered toggle switches for the finishing touches.

A selection of the products used:

  • 0-523-22 Durite 12Vdc illuminated battery condition meter.
  • 0-523-17 Durite 12Vdc illuminated oil pressure gauge 52mm
  • 0-485-01 On-Off Single-pole push switch
  • 0-485-02 On-Off Single-pole push switch
  • 0-603-00 On-Off Single-pole toggle switch.
  • 0-609-53 Durite Red oil warning light
  • 0-609-51 Durite Red battery warning light
  • 0-432-75 Durite Red 175A high current battery connector
  • 0-727-12 Durite 12Vdc 30A Mini Make and Break relay
  • 0-727-70 Durite 12Vdc 70A heavy-duty Make and Break relay
  • 0-726-12 Durite Fused 12Vdc 20A Mini Make and Break relay
  • 0-005-35 Six-way male blade terminal block.


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