DIN 72552 Standardisation Definition Guide

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  The standardisation definition guide below is presented for the identification of contact terminal configurations, specifically on automotive electrical components available at Arc Components Limited. DIN 72552 is used by most high-end component and vehicle manufacturers when creating an automotive circuit, and the DIN standardisation guide identifies the terminal connection on automotive electrical parts. Examples of pin-in and pin-out numbering can be found on switch relays, key switches and wiper motors. In cases where a replacement base code system has been presented, the definition guide assists engineers when replacing or renewing components and wiring.

  The guide is presented with terminal identification first, followed by designation.


Relay Coil - Positive and Negative Coil Energising.

Terminal or ContactIdentification
85Relay coil negative.
86Relay coil positive.


Relay Contacts - Line Feed or Switching.

Terminal or ContactIdentification
87Common contact.
87aNormally closed contact.
87bNormally open contact.
88Common contact 2.
88aNormally closed contact 2.
88bNormally open contact 2.


Battery Circuit.

Terminal or ContactIdentification
15Battery positive through ignition switch.
30From battery positive direct.
30aFrom 2nd battery and 12-24V relay.
31Return to battery negative or direct to ground.
31aReturn to battery negative 12-24V relay.
31bReturn to battery negative or ground through a switch.
31cReturn to battery negative 12-24V relay.


Ignition System

Terminal or ContactIdentification
1Ignition coil, low voltage, distributor.
1a, 1bDistributor - two separate circuits.
2breaker points magneto ignition.
4Coil, distributor high voltage.
4a, 4bDistributor - two separate circuits, high voltage.
7Terminal on ballast resistor, to the distributor.
15Battery positive from the ignition switch.
15aFrom ballast resistor to coil and starter motor.


Preheat - Diesel Engine

Terminal or ContactIdentification
15Preheat in.
19Preheat (glow).



Terminal or ContactIdentification
50Starter control.


Electric Motor - Terminals

Terminal or ContactIdentification
33Main terminal (swap designation of 32 and 33 possible in application).
33bMotor field.
33f2. slow rpm.
33g3. slow rpm.
33h4. slow rpm.
33LRotation left.
33RRotation right.


AC Generator

Terminal or ContactIdentification
51DC at rectifiers.
51eAs 51, with choke coil.
59AC out, rectifier in, light switch.
59aCharge, rotor out.
64Generator control light.


Generator - Voltage Regulator

Terminal or ContactIdentification
61Charge indicator (charge control light).
B+Battery positive.
B-Battery negative.
D+Dynamo or alternator diode positive.
D-Dynamo or alternator diode negative.
DFDynamo field.
DF1Dynamo field 1.
DF2Dynamo field 2.
U, V, WAC three phase terminals.


Lighting Circuit

Terminal or ContactIdentification
54Brake lights.
55Fog light.
56Spot light.
56aheadlamp high beam and indicator light.
56bLow beam.
56dSignal flash.
57Parking lights.
57aParking lights.
57LParking lights left side.
57RParking lights right side.
58licence or number plate lights, instrument panel.
58dPanel light dimmer.


Turn Indicators

Terminal or ContactIdentification
49Flasher unit in.
49aFlasher unit out, indicator switch in.
49bOut 2. flasher circuit.
49cOut 3. flasher circuit.
C1st flasher indicator light.
C22nd flasher indicator light.
C33rd flasher indicator light.
LIndicator lights left side.
RIndicator lights right side.
L54Lights out, left side.
R54Lights out, right side.


Window Wiper and Washer Circuit

Terminal or ContactIdentification
53Wiper motor positive in.
53aLimit stop positive.
53bLimit stop field.
53cWasher pump.
53eStop field.
53iWiper motor with permanent magnet, third brush for high speed.


Switches Circuit

Terminal or ContactIdentification
81a1 out.
81b2 out.
82Lock in.
82a1st out.
82b2nd out.
82z1st in.
82y2nd in.
83Multi position switch, in.
83aOut position 1.
83bOut position 2.


Acoustic Warning

Terminal or ContactIdentification
71Beeper in.
71aBeeper out, low.
71bBeeper out, high.
72Hazard light switch.
85cHazard sound on.


Additional Circuit Functions

Terminal or ContactIdentification
52signal from the trailer.
54gMagnetic valves for trailer brakes.
75Radio, cigarette lighter.
77Door valves control.

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