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Albright International Coil Ratings Terminology

Albright coils in their contactors are wound with Pull-in and Drop-out voltages, variations of those features can be engineered to suit particular applications. You can use this blog post and the Arc Components Ltd Product Files to identify a solenoid contactor best suited for your application.


Operating Coils

 Albright International offers a wide range of magnetic coils for operating contactors and other load switches. Their coils are wound for D.C. operation and can be used with A.C. supplies with the addition of a bridge rectifier. Our coils are available in voltages ranging from 6 to 240V, with a Pull-in voltage of approximately 66% of the rated voltage (Continuous) or 60% (Prolonged, Intermittent or Very Intermittent) and Drop-out voltages usually greater than 10% of the rated voltage. Albright can customise your coils to meet your needs if you’re looking for specific specifications for your application. With Albright International, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality solenoid coils that are reliable and efficient.


Continuous (CO)

 100% duty cycle. Continuous operation. The weakest power coil dictates that a weaker return spring is used compared to the intermittent equivalent. This does not give the best switching characteristics for applications frequently switching on load.

Prolonged (P.O.)

 Up to 90% duty cycle, up to 54 minutes of continuous energisation. The coil is more powerful than continuous and weaker than the intermittent equivalent. The return spring is stronger than continuous but weaker than intermittent.

Intermittent (INT)

 Up to 70% duty cycle and up to 15 minutes of continuous energisation. High power in the coil allows a strong return spring to be used, giving good switching characteristics. Typically this rating is used with magnetic latching contactors.

Highly Intermittent (H.O.)

 Up to 25% duty cycle, up to 3 minutes continuous energisation. The highest power in the coil allows the strongest return spring to be used, giving good switching characteristics.

Pulse Width Modulation Controlled (PWM)

 Contactors fitted with a PWM Coil Economiser allow for significantly reduced power consumption while maintaining optimum switching capability.




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