ML53H-96 Albright 48-96V DC Magnetic Latching Contactor Controller

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Weight:  40g

Model:  ML53H-96
Part Number:  ML53H-96
Brand:  Albright
Colour:  black
Voltage:  48V to 96V DC

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 Utilising the latest CMOS technology and surface mount design, the ML53H-96 features lower power consumption together with the ability to drive all the contactor coils in the range between 48 and 96 Volts. These simple modules are an option to allow the operation of Albright’s range of bidirectional single pole magnetic latching contactors from a standard DC supply. An ML is designed to operate one contactor coil only.

 The ML53 is a five terminal non-sequential device. It is similar to the ML52 except that in addition to ground it has two separate inputs for set (close) and unset (open) of the contactors. If the set (close) input is powered up it will generate a positive pulse at supply voltage of 0.25 seconds duration, long enough to set any of our magnetic Latch contactor range. Each time this input is actuated it will generate a positive pulse. If the unset (open) input is powered up it will up generate a negative pulse at supply voltage of 0.25 seconds duration, long enough to unset any of our magnetic latch contactor range. Each time this input is actuated it will generate a negative pulse. Powering each input alternatively can set (close) and unset (open) the contactor.


  • Length including terminals: 69mm.
  • Width: 34mm.
  • Height: 19mm.

About the ML Range of Controllers

 The operation of a single pole magnetic latching contactor requires a short duration pulse typically 0.25 seconds at the coil supply voltage to set (close) the contactor. Once set (closed) the contactor will remain set, even if there is a power outage. Subsequent pulses of the same polarity will not affect its status.

 To unset (open) the contactor a pulse of 0.25 seconds duration is applied at the coil supply voltage. Once unset (open) the contactor will remain unset (open), even if there is a power outage. Subsequent pulses and voltages at the same polarity will not affect its status. To set (close) it again the polarity of the pulse must once again be reversed.

 Albright offers the ML range for customers requiring an alternating coil polarity drive unit.

Important Note

 Magnetically Latched Contactors do not fail safe. If there is a power failure, or if the supply to the contactor coil is broken, the contactor contacts will not open or close, i.e. they will not change state. These devices should not therefore be used in applications where the failure of contacts to open or close could result in a hazardous situation for persons or equipment.

Basic Specifications

Device TypeML53H - Magnetic Latching Contactor Controller
Voltage48 - 96 Volt dc
Initial Power-up sequence time10mS ±20%
Drive Pulse Length0.25S ±20%
ML Power ConsumptionLess than 10mA +
Maximum switching speed1 operation per 10 seconds (0.1Hz)
Operating TemperatureMinus 40 to +85°C
Maximum Voltage96V
Absolute Maximum Voltage100V
Minimum Nominal Voltage48V
Maximum Drive Current2A for 0.25s


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