1953 Humber (Pig) Armoured Truck

Monday, 16 January 2017  |  AdrianR

 The 1953 MK1 FV1611b Humber 1 Ton Armoured Truck, better known as a Humber Pig (due to its appearance), started its working life not as an army vehicle but as a 1 Ton pick-up truck, the UK Army requisitioned it and re-bodied it with the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) body in 1959. It was designed to carry 8 troops a vehicle commander and the driver. Powered by a 6 cylinder Rolls Royce 4.2L petrol engine, it weighs 4.75 Tons or 6 Tons fully loaded.

Adam regularly shows and drives the truck around local venues and meetings and says: "it tends to draw crowds when I take it anywhere!"

 The trailer at the rear is a Brockhouse 1 Ton of a similar vintage, designed to carry a 1 Ton payload in off-road conditions.
Adam comments "The vehicle's radio suppressed and waterproof ignition system was rewired with a roll of Durite copper ignition cable that I purchased, and it now runs a treat!, it has also rewired a Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier and a Bedford RL 3 Ton truck! and... I still have plenty left!"
Originally posted: 8th June 2009


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