0-648-35 Durite 12V-24V 9 Step Fully Automatic Bench Start-Charger

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Weight:  5.40kg



Model:  0-648-35
Bar Code:  5056119120752
Part Number:  0-648-35
Brand:  Durite
Colour:  Black/Red
Amperage:  30A
Input Voltage:  AC 220V-240V 50Hz
Output Voltage:  12V/24V DC

 Durite 12/24V 30A heavy duty bench start assist/charger.

  • 30A charger.
  • 75A jump starter.
  • Suitable for all types of lead acid batteries.
  • Features 9-stage charging and processor control.
  • LED Display.
  • Digital diagnostics.
  • Over-charge and fault protection.
  • Powder coated steel housing.
  • Supplied with crocodile clips and leads.


Input AC 220V-240V 50Hz
Rated Current 2.5A
Output DC 12V 10-30A / DC24V 8-15A
Boost Function Less than 150A
Starting Current 75A
Battery Type Lead Acid
Charger Type 9 Step Full Automatic Charging Cycle
IP Rating N/A
LED Display Yes
Digital Diagnostics Yes
Over Charge Protection Yes
Fault Protection Yes
Alternator Tester Yes
Weight 3.95Kg
Approval CE

Important Safety Instructions (For lost copies or translation)

 Before using this unit please read these instructions carefully, take special care to follow the warnings indicated on the unit itself as well as the safety suggestions listed below. Bookmark this page or save these instructions for future reference.

  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • Working in the vicinity of a lead-acid battery is dangerous. Batteries generate explosive gases during normal battery operation. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that each time before using your charger, you read the manual supplied with the unit and follow the instructions exactly.
  • To reduce the risk of battery explosion, follow these instructions and those published by the battery manufacturer and manufacturer of any equipment you intend to use in the vicinity of battery. Review cautionary markings on these products and on the engine.
  • Use the charger lndoors only, do not expose it to rain.

General Safety Instructions

  • General: Before using the device, study the instruction sheet. Always disconnect the mains supply before making or breaking the DC connections.
  • Gases: When the battery is being charged you may notice bubbling in the fluid caused by the release of gas. As the gas is flammable, avoid naked flames, glowing or electrostatically charged material and sparks in the vicinity of the battery. Provide adequate ventilation. Because of this risk of explosive gas, only connect and disconnect the battery leads when the mains supply is disconnected.
  • Types of Batteries: This charger is suitable for lead acid batteries only and should not be used to recharge any other type of battery.

Points of Note

  • Protect the charger against rain, damp and heat. Do not cover the ventilation holes. When not in use, store the charger ln a dry area to avoid moisture.
  • Do not charge faulty batteries.
  • Attend to instructions of the battery manufacturer and the vehicle manufacturer concerning battery charging.


  • There are no user-serviceable parts inside the device. Any attempt at modification or repair by the user will entail the loss of manufacturer guarantees.
  • The mains supply cord of this device can only be repaired at a specialised workshop, do not use the charger if one of the cords have been damaged.


  • Never charge a frozen battery. If battery fluid (electrolyte) becomes frozen, bring the battery to a warm area to allow the battery to thaw before you begin charging. Never put a battery on top of the charger or vice versa.
  • Do not touch the battery clamps together when the charger is on.
  • Never use the charger when it has received a hard blow, been dropped, or otherwise been damaged. Take it to a qualified professional for inspection and repair.
  • Prevent the power cord from being stepped on, tripped over, or being damaged.
  • Never pull out the plug by the cord when unplugging the charger. Pulling on the cord may cause damage to the cord or the plug.
  • We recommend to remove the battery from the car before charging. When charging the battery while installed in the car, please understand that the charger manufacturer cannot take any responsibility for harm to your electronics or the car itself.

Precautions When Working with Batteries

  • Avoid getting electrolyte on your skin or clothes, it is acidic and can cause burns. If battery acid contacts skin or clothing, wash immediately with soap and water. If acid enters eyes, immediately flood eye with running cold water for at least 20 minutes and get medical attention immediately. Eye protection is therefore recommended. Baking soda neutralises lead acid battery electrolyte.
  • Never smoke or allow a spark or flame in vicinity of the battery or engine.
  • Do not drop a metal tool on the battery, The resulting spark or short-circuit on the battery or other electrical parts may cause an explosion.
  • Remove personal metal items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches when working with a lead-acid battery. A lead-acid battery can produce a short-circuit current high enough to weld a ring or the like to metal, causing severe burns.

LED Indicators

  • Repair: This function is for 12V battery only. lf the battery is sulphated, the charger automatically tries to recover it. lf the LED is illuminated for more than 120 minutes, the battery is broken and the fault LED turns on.
  • Charging: The battery is being charged.
  • Fault: This indicator turns on when a fault occurs. See fault codes F01 through to F04.
  • Full: The battery is fully charged and the charger can be disconnected. Disconnect the charger from the mains. Disconnect the black and red clips from the terminals of the battery.

Display and Fault Codes

STb Standby: The charger is waiting for your selection.
CHE Check: The Battery is being checked before charging begins.
if sulphated 12V battery is used with 12V Program the charger is try to repair the battery. Also '"repair" LED turns on.
If 12V battery is tried to be charged with the 24V program "CHE" will appear on LCD display and "repair" LED will turn on. Later error code F03 and F04 will appear and fault LED will turn on. In both stages the battery will not be charged.
F01 Fault 01:
  1. No connection to the battery terminal
  2. Short circuit in connection
  3. Reverse polarity connection
F02 Fault 02: Charging: A clamp has loosened during charging. Charging stops and a beep alarm turns on.
F03 Fault 03: Battery voltage is much lower or higher than normal.
F04 Fault 04: The battery can’t be recovered - The battery is potentially broken. Consult with a battery supplier or dealer.
FUL Full: The battery is fully charged. A constant voltage is applied to keep the battery in a fully charged condition.
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