0-205-00 Durite 135A Slave or Jump Lead Set 5M

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Weight:  3.50kg

Model:  0-205-00
Bar Code:  5056119106336
Part Number:  0-205-00
Brand:  Durite
Colour:  Black/Red
Amperage:  135A
Material:  Copper/Steel/PVC

 Durite pack of 1, 135A slave or jump lead set.

  • 5M long.
  • 266 strand 0.30mm, 20mm² cable.
  • 135A cable.
  • PVC insulated.
  • Fitted with plated steel crocodile clips.
  • Pack quantity: 1 set of leads.

Safety Instructions for Jump Starting (For lost copies or translation)

  WARNING: Read these instructions in full before attempting to use the jump leads. Before connecting the jump leads ensure that the following safety measures are adhered to.

  • Batteries give off flammable gases - do not smoke or use naked flames.
  • Ensure that both batteries are of the same nominal voltage. Battery or charging system damage or explosions can result if jump starting is attempted with batteries of differing voltage.
  • Ensure that the two vehicles are not touching each other; sparks and vehicle damage could result if they are.
  • Ensure that the jump leads are in good condition; breaks in the conductor or poor connections make starting difficult and can cause overheating and fire.
  • Ensure that the ignition switches of both vehicles are in the off position and that both hand brakes are applied. If the jump leads are connected whilst the ignition is switched on, sparks and fire may result.
  • Always connect the batteries positive (red, +) to positive (red, +) and negative (black. -) to negative (black, -) irrespective of the vehicles' earth terminations.
  • Ensure that both vehicles are in NEUTRAL (for vehicles with manual transmission) or in PARK (for vehicles with automatic transmission).

Procedure for Connecting Jump Leads

  • Connect the jump leads one at a time.
  • Connect the positive lead (red) first.
  • Always attach each jump lead to the charged/donor battery first.
  • Complete both connections of the first lead before making the first connection with the second lead.
  • If the above procedure is followed correctly, the fourth and final connection made will be the earth connection to the discharge battery. Unlike the other connections which are made to the battery terminal post, this final connection shall be made to a good earth point remote from the discharged battery. A suitable earth point may be in engine mounting, chassis member, engine block or any other unpainted surface remote from the battery and away from fuel and brake lines.
  • Start the engine on the donor vehicle and run it for about 1 minute at a fast tick-over, in sub-zero temperatures this time should be extended to 2 minutes or 3 minutes.
  • With the engine of the donor vehicle still running, attempt to start the vehicle with the discharged battery. If nothing happens, switch off the ignition on both vehicles and re-check all connections.
  • After starting the vehicle with the discharged battery, run this engine at a fast tick-over for several minutes to warm-up and then allow to idle. Do not disconnect the jump leads with the engine of either vehicle running at above idle speed: this can cause damage to the charging circuits and to other electronic equipment.

Procedure for Disconnecting the Leads

  • Detach the clip connected to the earth point on the vehicle that had the discharged battery then disconnect the other end of this lead from the donor battery.
  • Disconnect the second lead first from the vehicle that had the discharged battery and then from the donor vehicle.
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